A quality burger from the Western Galilee

The best burger in Israel?
We are not completely sure about it, and mama taught us to stay humble.
Many people have told us this, and some have even written it in many creative ways. so maybe…
But Mom said… So we stay humble, and put our soul in every patty and every bun.
You are welcome to enjoy!

Ten things you need to know about Eli Feldman

  1. The man is a third generation butcher.
  2. He is an expert on meat, he livs, breaths and especially eats it.
  3. The burgers at the KZIZA are handmade from top quality cuts,
    and with a special recipe developed by Eli.
  4. He really loves to feed people…
  5. Even if they are vegetarians.
  6. He has cool dishes like “Patty in a box”, “Sloppy” and unique fries.
  7. He is a bit of a nostalgic type of guy, so he has soda pop as well as almond ice drink.
  8. Kziza Agalgala started out as a food-truck.
  9. Many people tell him that his burgers are the best in Israel.
  10. The man is two meters tall and two meters wide, yet he is convinced that they are telling him that just because of the quality of his burgers.